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Look in the root directory of these HDDs for a file named dune_folder.txt. Edit that file (e.g. with Notepad) to remove all references to icon files.
No electronic device is going to be able to make your projector shine a larger image than it currently shines. It can stretch, warp, and distort the picture in all sorts of ways but the physical limits of the projector's light path will not change.An anamorphic lens (the horizontal-stretch variety) might be useful in your case. A good one is expensive.
Regarding lag, putting any new device in the signal path can only increase lag. The Radiance does have a Game mode which minimizes lag, but it's not 0, and certainly not negative.The Radiance does have a configurable stretch option to fill a 2.35 screen with 1.78 content.As for the throw distance, how do you plan to fill a 2.5m screen if your PJ can only do 2.3m wide? A video processor cannot help with that.Edit: and welcome to AVS forum!
The Book Thief (US BD): forced subs start at 0:02:52, in a separate track, but they are also flagged as forced so ClownBD will find them.
It was 0.8, not 0.08.
How much did you dilute it?
Ok, I concede. A sophisticated software release mechanism would automate all this, but for a niche product like CP it's a lot to ask.
Without the version number changing? I would love if CP would update itself silently. At least give me that option instead of having to uninstall then reinstall for every version bump. (Or non-bump!)But, like rmongiovi said, I'm willing to overlook that as Tom can't be an expert at everything. But bumping the version number is basic, trivial, and no-cost.
Tom, I don't think it's a good idea to have two different releases with the same version number. If I were to go to your website to see if there was any update, I would compare the version number and conclude that I already have the latest. Or if a customer contacts you with an issue, how would you know which version they are running if theirs says 2.5.1? It defeats the whole point of version numbers.
Are you sending 60p or 24p to the PJ? If 60, try setting CMD to Inverse Telecine. It should give a small improvement without the SOE.
New Posts  All Forums: