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When I was using a VCR a lot (before 1999, when Replays came out), about 95% of the recordings I made were manual, only 5% or so were timed.
Yes, I prefer 16x9 too. Actaully, I currenlty consider that more important than HD. HD is good, but with all this corporate paranoia (misleadingly called "protection") it's less usable. I have 2 cable boxes here, both Pace models. Both do have the switch, the "Aspect" button on the remote switches the composite output between letterbox and widescreen. However, theres the annoyance that after a power failure it resets to letterbox (WRONG for this Replay setup), also it's a...
You don't have to take the drive out of the Replay (or reboot a computer) if you use a USB - IDE cable. It could still be a lot to remove all those 10 screws... Anyway, that's a one-time job. I was considering what you'd have to do every time the power had been out. The changing to LaHo and back seems more work than using manual clock set.
It might be easier to use a disk image that already has the manual clock set patch installed: for 2xxx:http://rgb.cc/replaytv/images/replay...ualTimeSet.zip for 3xxx / Showstopper:http://rgb.cc/replaytv/images/replay...ualTimeSet.zip Either way, you need to connect the Replay drive to a PC. It can be a lot easier to use a USB-to-IDE adapter. Then you can leave the drive in the Replay. Use the Replay as a power supply for the drive. That's what I did with my 2020.
I regularly record widescreen from a cable box. Tell the box it's connected to a 16x9 TV and actually have a 16x9 TV. The Replay in the middle doesn't affect that. However, it's not HD. While the Replay (later models) do have HD outputs (RGB on 4xxx, YUV on 5xxx), there are no HD inputs.
At the time the clock capacitor on my 2020 went bad, LaHo dialup was not working. Now, it would require 2 dial-ups (1 to set the clock, 1 to get the schedules). It'd be easier to use the manual clock set (UTC conversion isn't that hard once I get used to it).
Go to http://rgb.cc/replaytv/images/replay/ . There are subdirectories for the different series, such as 2xxxx and 3xxxx (including Showstopper). The manual clock set image is identified.
My 2020 has a defective clock capacitor. The clock will be wrong after a power failure. The 2020 will automatically do a net connect which does NOT set the clock. I needed the manual clock set patch (I found an image with it already installed). BTW, I found a couple of differences between my unit and the instructions for the manual clock set. 1. It is NOT necessary to set the display brightness. Just use the menu option as if you're going to. Then press 8-8-8-Zones. 2....
The distinction between (50xx and 55xx) seems irrelevant now with WiRNS 3 and the software which allows CA/IVS. BTW, I just got another 5xxx unit from eBay for $6.50 plus shipping.
I tried static (on the Replay) at first. It would still get an IP through DHCP (this can be verified by looking at your router's DHCP table). Changing DHCP (on the router) tells DHCP to ALWAYS return that particular IP to a device that has the MAC address you set. There's now no way the Replay can get any other address from DHCP. Once that's done, setting static on the Replay either causes the problem (if you set it wrong) or makes no difference (if you set it...
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