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Is it true that streaming music from Amazon's cloud is not part of this box and if so How did that happen ?
I have a question how do the various apps like Netflix etc look on the Screen, this device seems to use the same exact apps as the Fire Tablets and I'm wondering if the same old issue of Tablet and Non ablet apps blown up on a larger Higher res screen look terrible or not, the nice thing about the Apple TV is all the apps are developed for the device and tend to look really good.
Yeah HBOgo is on the Fire HDX's so it will show up here as well
If you are running Plex on your Roku, this will run the android version , which is a lot nicer than the one Hobbled by Roku's Interface
I always thought the second film was a bit convoluted, and really this one is a remake of the first film, not that that is a bad thing, and hey you do get a gratuitious Katy Sachoff topless scene
It works well and this really solves most of my needs, I was mainly keeping a Roku to stream from Plex, this is a much more elegant solution, I always have my Ipad or Ipod Touch , or Samsung phone close by, and this makes things real simple. I'll probably pick up 2 more Chromecasts for my Bedroom and Kitchen now
Yeah I read that. Interesting uses of the camera I've seen so far on the Playstation Live Section
Did you get this working? I'd love Plex to release a PS4 client, I use the clients on almost every device I have
PSN: Scarpad Region: East Genre: FPS, Sports Games so far:COD:Ghosts, BF4, Knack, Killzone, resogun, Blacklight Hit me up.
Got it from Dell, it was around $550 for the bundle
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