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I'm looking for a calibration disc which has accurate frequency sweeps for audio. I presently have the old Avia disc but I'm not sure of the accuracy of these sweeps. The new Spears and Munsil looks interesting but I can't find much info on the audio test of this disc?
Great review Ralph! I never heard of this one but when I read the title " Mama" out loud to my wife, she responded "No way"!, that trailer creeped me out! I had to laugh, maybe I'll surprise her on Mother's Day with a rental!..
Hi all, I will soon be a repeat customer for Seymour XD Centerstage Screen. I originally bought this diy material from Chris a few years back for my first projector an Epson 8100, and built my own screen. I remember my wife saying " I better see a big improvement with pq. quality with this screen".... 2 weeks later the wife went out and bought a full size popcorn maker along with other decor for our ht room... Fast forward to today, just bought an Epson 5020 and will go...
I also see Projector People has also announced the 5020 shipping mid to late October. I'm somewhat surprised there is only $100.00 difference between the 5020 and the 5010?..
Just looked at one of our sponsors sites Visualapex and it shows the Epson 5020 shipping on October 22. I'm very anxious to read some reviews on this projector!
Thanks Deja Vu. I'm anxious to read more reviews of the 5020. Hopefully in the next 4-6 weeks.I will be replacing my 8100 with the 5020. Do you think I will see a difference in pq quality?
Great contest! AVS Forum has been a fantastic resource of knowledge for us home theater buffs for many of years! Thanks!!..
Its time to replace my 8100, thanks!!....
Another great review Ralph, I haven't seen this one yet but I have read several positive reviews. A friend of mine wife played an extra in this movie. Some or all of this movie was shot in Weirton, West Virginia along the Ohio river. Paramount came into my home town located 30 miles from where the film was shot to buy or lease old business signs to use in the shoot. Big news here in a small town....
Bought my 8100 from Best Buy Feb. 2010. The bulb is extremely dim at just 428 hours. Called Epson and they are sending a new one out but as mentioned above there is a one week wait. Customer service told me normally they send you a new bulb overnight express but they are back ordered. Not complaining. My projector is well over a year old. Great customer service...
New Posts  All Forums: