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Also, ESPN is trying to build up the idea that ESPN2 is the home of the Busch Series (on the few weekends when ABC doesn't have the races). That's another reason why they're putting the extra Full Circle Spanish broadcast on ESPN and leaving the regular broadcast on ESPN2.
From a ticket sales standpoint, they should dump one of California's dates, but I've heard that won't happen because of all the media exposure that comes with having two races so close to Hollywood. The drivers use their time off around those dates to shoot commercials and cameos in movies and TV shows (several drivers were in the Herbie movie a few years and Edwards in "24" last year, for example). Most think Martinsville will lose at least one date when ISC has...
Well said, TexMex. I know Bob and Alan do the best they can with the bandwidth issue, but the picture on CBS NFL games has suffered for the past few years (on any shots with motion), to the point that I prefer the D* feed.
Apparently, enough people have complained to WSET that they've changed their schedule to air all the ABC games live. A friend of mine who works at The Roanoke Times called the general manager to ask about the delays, and the GM said from now on all games will be live. The programming schedule on WSET.com also confirms that every ABC game this weekend will be carried live on WSET.
I received a similar reply (I sent my message to every department at WSET to make sure someone saw it). The one positive is that they stated in the response: "We have cleared all but three of the programs and those are being delayed." Because they've already delayed two games, that should leave only one more (this Sunday's Japan vs. Croatia 9 a.m. game). The other four ABC games this weekend are scheduled to be shown live.
Looks like we're some of the few people in the country who are being ripped off from seeing the ABC games live. There's a thread on the HDTV programming board on this site, and it looks like viewers in many of the other markets are getting the HD matches live (although those in New Orleans say their local affiliate didn't flip the switch to HD yesterday).
My question was whether they would be delaying the game, because obviously if it was delayed we wouldn't be getting the HD. My DirecTV guide and some other sources stated the game would be televised here live, but Doug confirmed the WSET Web site that the game won't be shown until midnight, so again the Roanoke Valley is cheated. At this rate, I'd prefer ESPN and ESPN2 handle the remainder of the tournament.
Looks like my e-mail to WSET may have paid off. Doug Daniel, WSET's director of engineering, sent a response claiming that WSET not broadcasting the HD feed was an oversight on their part and that they switched to the HD feed a little after 1 p.m. (I didn't see the note until after the game was over, however). According to WSET's Web site, they aren't showing the Mexico game until Midnight tape delayed. I've sent another e-mail to Doug asking if WSET is indeed delaying the...
Not sure if anyone has noticed, but WSET is not providing HD for the one live World Cup game they're showing this weekend (Sweden vs. Trinidad & Tobago). I've e-mailed them about this, but considering I've never received anything in the way of positive feedback from that station, I'm not expecting this to be resolved. It's too bad WDBJ doesn't have rights to this, because there's no question we'd get the HD feed.
Quote: Originally Posted by CPanther95 Steelers have only one MNF game this year - either ESPN got the shaft as far as how they can select games, or ESPN has their head up their rear end. I would expect to see Pittsburgh get the maximum amount of exposure possible on NBC, and ESPN was likely left with only one Steelers game available. In the past, teams were only allowed four prime-time games each season, with a maximum of three on Monday nights....
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