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Reading these Tekton threads is like watching a train wreck from afar. It's a vicarious thrill that does not end well. Anyone who sends money to this guy from this point forward gets what they deserve.
The dust cap can easily be popped out. The cosmetic condition is so poor I would run from these...fast. I would not trust they are functioning well either. Not sure how that kind of damage occurs, but I would steer clear.
JBL L890.
As opposed to 2-3 months? That seems to be most likely.
Agreed. That would leave precious little time to monitor these threads and rant at current and potential customers.
Work smarter, not harder, as they say.
And you know this, how? Insulting customers does not sound to any rational person as growing pains that are being worked on.
Hey Eric, some advice:Under promise and over deliver. You will have less need to rant and piss fewer people off.
Under promise and over deliver and you'll have happy customers. Not the other way around!With all the choices out there, I don't know who in their right mind would place an order with this clown.
Since I am a speakerholic that has not quite gotten into recovery, I have followed this thread with some interest. From what I can gather, it appears what we have here is a do-it-yourselfer, working out of his garage, attempting to supply speakers to a clientele built on a few positive reviews in the online press. No doubt those that have actually received speakers are happy. The issue seems to be whether one is willing to put up with the do-it-yourselfer's inability (or...
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