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I picked the 55" at Best Buy for $856. Set replaced a 50" Panny Plasma that went elsewhere. So far so good, still trying to figure out what all the different picture settings so hopefully someone more knowledgeable will post something. Sound could be better, but we watched some 3D stuff on demand and was really surprised how well the passive 3D stuff works.
We are a SA/Cisco equipment area. When the upgraded to the new iGuide they disabled passthrough in the Firmware and locked you into either 1080i or 720p for HD sources. In the old menu/guide system you could select pass through so the broadcasters format would be displayed. Now they force everything in 1080i for HD, so if I am want to watch ESPN in 720p i have to turn the STB off, go to the front of the STB hold down the Channel +/- buttons and select 720p. RNG devices...
Ken, The box might allow for pass through but as Comcast has been rolling out the new iGuide software they have disabled the Pass Through Option. I asked if it was a feature of the box (I have SA/Cisco) or the software. They said it was a software feature. So now they force you to select either 1080i or 720p, regardless of the source format. They have no logical reason why they took this option away. Does anyone know why Comcast eliminated pass through?
I know it is a major failure of iGuide. It forces you to pick a resolution. I want the content in the source format that is produced by the network. With all the effort that went it it they really screwed up some things.
That is strange I have 8300HDC. Are you pressing the Channel +/- at the same time on the STB (not the remote)? My goes into user setting mode right away.
On the Legacy SA boxes. Keep the TV On, Turn off the STB and Hold down the Channel +/- buttons until you see a screen.
The Danbury Comcast just got the new iGuide in the past week. There are some fundamental flaws in the new software out of the box. First, you can no longer pass through HD signals, the box will automatically fixes all HD signals to either 1080i or 720p. Also out of the box all 480i is switched to 480p. Secondly there currently is no way to get to the HD Setup on the RNG150. So when they switched over to the guide software any RNG box automatically got stuck in forcing...
Remy Thanks -- Yikes how will they survive with people being able to only watch two HD streams. I guess I will just have to hold on for Comcast in Danbury to either start offering more HD or consider SAT.
I am curious to know if anyone has any experience with uverse in the Danbury/Ridgefield Area. I got the mailer from them that is was now available and went to check out the line up especially HD. The number of HD stations available is significantly more than Comcast in my area - while the Comcast service is good it seems that our area (Danbury) is the last to get HD adds, or upgardes. My question is expectations and what to ask if I call. Currently we have 3 large...
How about folks with SA boxes? What is the non-DVR HD box? HDMI ready?
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