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"I get both DVI and component from HJ TIVO at the same time!!!" - Steve B. this is very interesting as on the HD Tivo if it senses synch on the HDMI link than the component link is disabled. BY disabling HDCP on the Lumagen the Tivo does not think it is getting synch yet you are getting a picture, fascinating. SG
Daniel, Is there a noticeable difference between these settings and 1080i / 59.xx refresh rate? Steve
I am also having grainy blacks, not horizontal lines but the blacks are a bit blotchy and not solid. As an example Charpter 13 of Master and Commander (very dark scene and a lot of balck) is especially bad. SDI input is a bit better than component but not significantly better.
"embedded Linux tablet that boots up much faster than WIndows and whose state is kept coherent with other controllers or a master controller" State would need to be stored on a central device and retrieved to handheld, could be done, has not (yet).
The end user interface hardware determines the software environment. With a PC you can use almost anything you want, with a crestron panel only what crestron allows. The new crestron panels are almost complete pc's with a touch interface and will eventually support visual basic api's back to the frame. Interestingly the panels will eventually cost more than the frame (almost do now). As to the actual touch panel hardware, pc's are not really designed to do this. ...
Tzucc, My point exactly. A PC is an easy solution with ultimate flexibility, an embedded device has the potential to be even cheaper and more stable. Steve
This is an issue near and dear to my heart. My company uses AMX/Crestron products in our mpeg2 based conferencing systems. If we look at a classic control system it provides: 1. Physical interface platform for RS232, Relay / Contact Closure, IR transmission, and perhaps Ethernet (telnet) to the outside world 2. A platform to house a programming environment typically including a proprietary or open method for housing logic and control 3. Some type of touch...
I had a similar issue with my *** SDI player and the Pro (would not synch). I shipped both to Jim who reworked the SDI mod on the player and all is working well. The level of service and response is top notch. Steve
Eyedoc, What settings for resolution did you end up using for the G15? I have my Lumagen set for 1080i using a G10. Steve
I can confirm, as I connected the HD Tivo to a Sony Computer Monitor w/ DVI (no HDCP) and it worked. May change in the future but for now, no issue for us analog display folks. SG
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