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I have not noticed any dropped frames and I am running 10.6.4. I'm not saying there are no dropped frames but if they are present, I have not noticed. I have not checked the CPU% during playback. Both mini's are 2.66 with 8GB ram. One is a server version and the other is regular with upgraded HD to SSD. I hope this helps. Best Regards
I have two 2010 2.66 Mini's and they do a great job playing back MKV files on PLEX from bluray rips. I have not had any issues. I rip the blurays on an i7 iMac and store the files on an external harddrive connected to the iMac via firewire in another room. Using PLEX, the mini's playback the files without any issues. Everything is connected via high speed ethernet.
I recently added the OWC Mercury Elite All Pro Qx2 with 4 1TB WD Caviar black hard drives set up as Raid 5. The hd's are 7200 rpm with 64mb cache. It works great for MKV storage and playback, iphoto library, etc. It is not dead silent but that does not bother me due to the location. I'm very happy with the set up.
wco81, I've been a mac guy and a HT guy for many years but just recently started using my mac as a media center. I was way behind the learning curve and a bit intimidated by all the information out there but I narrowed it all down and made the leap. It is really very simple these days. Assuming you have a modern mac, you only need three things to rip and view blu ray on your mac. 1. I purchased a Plextor PX-B310U external blu ray and it works great, plug and play.2....
It worked! Thanks!!!
Thanks for the tip, I will give it a try.
Anyone having issues with the Hulu plug in on Plex? All I'm getting is the audio and no video at all. I do have my log in and password set up and can access the Hulu menu just fine. Any ideas? Thanks!
I believe the only other benefit to enabling the kuro link between the SC27 and the 151 would be the power off function.
OK, both of you have helped me narrow things down a little bit more. I went back in to my 600M settings and discovered that I had Kuro link enabled but I had it set to the wrong input. I changed to the correct input on the display and the volume indicator on screen display returned. When I disabled the kuro link on the display only, the SC25 did power on with the last input selected. So, if I choose this method, I can keep the kuro link and PQLS active between the...
I wish I could figure out how to set mine up to do that with keeping kuro link and PQLS enabled.
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