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  Correct.  The producers have already said that this is the maximum amount of episodes they can produce in a single year.   In order to produce more episodes per season they would have to either skimp on the quality or lengthen the time between seasons.   
    I was thinking the same thing.   These two paragraphs from the article really scare me ...   Martin, for one, isn’t worried. The way the author sees it, producers have plenty of material to keep Thrones rolling. “I think the odds against that happening are very long,” Martin says when asked about the show catching up to his novels. “I still have a lead of several gigantic books. If they include everything in the books, I don’t think they’re going to catch up with me....
  This is what Daario told Dany.  It doesn't mean its the truth.  He had far more practical reasons to murder his superiors and flip to Dany's side.  
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . All I know is that if I hadn't read the books, I'd be staying far far away from that "non-spoiler" thread.     Props to the mods for trying to control it but there are spoilers all over the place.  Some subtle, some not so subtle.   
  I'm not sure, it was hard to tell at 20x speed.  
  I bet Corinne, Malcolm, Reynold  and probably Andrea would disagree with you.  I'm pretty sure they will forever remember Dawn as an opponent.     I think there is almost no chance that Dawn can win this game.        She has already betrayed several jury members and I don't think her emotional outbursts/breakdowns are helping her cause with any future jury members.  
  Exactly!  Even if she was completely clueless that Cochran wouldn't simply go along with her plan, she should have known that the immunity idol made her an instant target.     The immunity idol can also be the kiss of death when everybody knows you have one.  Maybe he was thinking along those lines?   Ehhh, I doubt it.  He really does seem like an airhead.   After winning the immunity challenge, he could have saved the idol for the next round and been safe through the...
    Malcolm explained that he had to shut it down and pretend like he had already found it.   He tried to bluff his way through tribal and he lost.    Andrea even said she was 80% certain he had the idol.   If he had kept looking, she would have known he didn't have it.     He said in his exit interview that he was pretty confident that he was not going to lose that vote.  He must have thought they had convinced one of the others to flip.    I would have just kept...
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