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Did you change the connection in setup from hdmi to spdif?
Good point. But they can't fix yours. Would you be able to trust their ability on a refurb?
How about suggesting they offer 45% off any future JVC projector (at dealer cost or direct to you) ?
Sorry for the delay. Sometimes work gets in the way of life. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the input. My main critical listening for music is output from foobar 2000. The point I was trying to make was that no matter what I play, the output is as Windows designates it. If I config for two channel, I get two channel pcm. If I do 5.1, I get 5 channel pcm. For foobar, I did download the wasapi plug-in. Results are the same. Foobar is telling me that it is reading...
Thank you. I'm not using a front end. I am using HDMI only. Also, I'd rather not have Windows do the decoding. I'd rather have Anthem do it. HOw can I get it to work within that context? Foobar is showing a 2.0 channel stream, in this particular case. Yet because I selected a 5.1 setup, I'm getting multi pcm.
Intel video/audio. ASUS Z87 plus and core i3 4340 Haswell.
In Win7 I can't seem to get undecoded audio via HDMI. My Anthem receiver indicates Multi PCM, which I think indicates that Windows is manipulating the sound before it gets to the receiver. In the config, Windows recognizes my Anthem receiver and it's capabilities. If I select two channels in the config, I get 2channel PCM. If I select 5.1, I get 5 channel PCM. I've tried exclusive mode on and off. I also want to be able to watch one source and listen to another from...
The flapper is the only way I know of to discern the version. However, I've only changed one JVC bulb, so I'm not an expert by any means. I tried to take care to examine the bulb closely to see if there were other indicators. But I did not observe any. On an interesting note, I seem to have less lockups with this bulb. I'm not certain if I'm just better at avoiding those situations or not, but having my cable box go to pause mode where it minimizes the picture and...
I know it's been a year, but what did you end up doing?
i have win7. But I have the same question as the original poster. I can add codecs later. How do I get Windows to natively send the data to be decoded by the receiver? My old HTPC M-audio audio card sent dolby 2.0 natively, but would do 5.1 for DVDs via Zoomplayer. I'm thinking in Win7 I need to set the speaker setting to stereo and hopefully, the playback software will override with sending the HD DD or DTS stream undecoded (terminology?).
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