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Anyone in this forum own Sony projectors as well? I would expect Sony to be reliable, perhaps even Panasonic, you know, THE BIG GUYS. I'm just curious. I tend to agree that the PQ and blacks of the JVC are phenomenal.
I would never advocate going backwards because the JVC brings additional benefits over CRT, reliability not being one of them, but from a purely financial point of view..... CRT - $3500 in 2003 + one focus board over 9 years at $300 = $3800 for approximately 7500 hours of viewing = $.506 per hour JVC - $1800 B stock (many of you might have bought a new one which would add cost), 7 replacement bulbs (assumes one every thousand hours. it appears some are doing worst than...
Mostly agree. However, I don't want manufacturer's to shine us on. When they sold me my CRT in 2003, they told me the tubes were good for 10,000 hours. And that was true. Well, green might've gone a little sooner, but never so bad I had to replace it. What's wrong with the truth?Right now, if there were a reasonable replacement. I would consider that for my next purchase. This unit throws a beautiful picture, but has had many issues. I would seriously look at Sony...
Wow. This is discouraging. Doesn't the manual say something like 2000 or 3000 hours? Well mine's got 800 and still going strong, but I thought the bulbs were improved now.
I believe the manual states that there is a two year warranty.
It's just a made up DSP setting. it's whatever the designer felt like.
I'm not familiar with that particular model, but based on what you've told us, I think you'll like the NAD sound.
Then, I would suggest you give it a bit of time first. I've heard some mid-priced HKs >$500 < $1000. But it's been quite a few years. While they do sound warm, I found that they are not always that revealing. The Rotels may sound bright to you, but are they more detailed? Also, they may be revealing a weakness in other parts of your system. I agree that Rotel prepros/receivers can sound bright. I do have some experience with them. All's I"m saying is that you listen...
So for the layman, there is a defect in the units?
+1I'm surprised the amps make that much of a difference. I've heard differences in prepros and receivers, wasn't sure about amps. No you have me wanting to try the amp in my Anthem receiver vs. the Rotel RB985MKII that I've been using all along.
New Posts  All Forums: