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Dark and contrasty is what you want, = film-like.Here are my settings arrived at by using the Disney WOW setup disc.Contrast 14Brightness -6Color 7Tint 0Gamma 2.3Color Temp - playing with comparing 6500k to 7000k. So far prefer 7000k as 6500k looked slightly reddish to me.I don't have any professional calibration tools. I don't really think any are required for this PJ.
Thanks. I appreciate that.
There have been a lot of posts lately about the MRX's not sounding good. When I first received mine, I too was in that camp. However, there is plenty of information in this thread to help get it sounding it's best. There have been some members here providing steadfast help from the very beginning of the thread, JayRay and Tigger come to mind and there are others. Thanks to them for all the great advice! I picked up a 300 a little over a year ago. I'm using it as a...
I have a custom gamma, but it's available in the picklist as a choice once you get to the custom gamma screen.
Might be a custom setting, don't recall. If I don't hear that you've figured it out by tonight, I'll check tonight.
Jack, I settled on 2.3 and very happy with it.
Yup. I had the same problem with Total Recall. Legacy is due for the weekend.... Thanks for contacting Sony.
Thanks Yes, most of the time, I love the projector. However, I used to have monthly movie "screenings" with friends and co-workers. I've been reluctant to re-institute that activity, because I don't know if the pj is going to wig out or not. The same holds true for the NFL playoffs/Superbowl. The odds are against it, but I might have an angry mob if it quit during the Superbowl! I could probably minimize the risk by not doing any switching, on-screen displays or...
Thanks. Just to be clear, I only have one input to the projector. All of my switching is through the Anthem receiver. Also, did I misunderstand? Why would you wait until your warranty is over before sending it in for repair?
Thanks, again. Does your receiver or prepro have an onscreen display? Try watching a source where the resolution is different than the onscreen display. I don't know if it's HDMI lockup or something else. But turn the on-screen display on and off a few of times. Does the pj freeze up? Does the screen turn all green or look like bizzaro world colors? And from there, no more switching is possible. The only resolution to the problem is to unplug the pj as even the...
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