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Thanks to all! I think I'm good to go. Programs and OS on a 120 Gig SSD, all other data on a 2 TB drive.
I"ve built four or five PCs over the past 10 years, I'm a hobbyist not a pro. One was an HTPC build. I"ve always used mid-tower cases with ATX builds. I've always used negative pressure with no trouble, other than having to vacuum them out a couple of times a year. My latest case, Antec Sonata, has a dust filter and is super clean inside. So typically, I have the PSU fan, the chip fan and one fan pulling out the back of the case, up high. I block all other air...
Thank you. OK, I would've thought by now that WMC would have built in codes and that I could download them with my MX-850 software into the remote. Then, all I would have to do is use Girder, or other suitable software, to program my lighting codes. Of course, I'm not sure I want to use WMC. I will be using Win 7 pro. What interface is the least amount of work to use with the remote? Which interface is the most rewarding once configured with the remote? Pros and cons...
Thanks to all!Sounds like SSDS are problematic, robnix? I can live without one. Compared to my old XP build, Win 7 64 bit on my new office machine boots fast. Are they problematic?Also, I don't know what this is "acdsee".
Thank you!
My last HTPC build was nine years ago. I remember using the USB UIRT and girder to configure usage with zoom player and my Lutron lighting system. I remember the process being somewhat tedious. In addition to controlling zoom player, I was able to get the Lutron fade coordinated with the bookmarked start of a movie. I"m using a home theater master mx-850. It's an older model, I believe, but works great. I plan on building a new HTPC with Windows 7. Is the...
Thanks! And windows will track it's new location? LIke if "my documents" was the default location for office, 7 will track the directory at it's new location?
Well, my old ASUS P4PE with Intel 2.4 GHz processor with maxed out 2G of memory is starting to show it's age. This build was rock solid for 9 years with little or no trouble. All I had to do over time was to add drives and replace power supplies. So I'm starting to do research and I'm curious about the SSDS. I know they aren't essential, but they look like fun. I've been reading and I like the idea of two drives. It'll be faster and the partitioning is already...
This is the follow up. After 8-9 months, I'm convinced this was the best way to go for me. No visible blemishes, reasonably inexpensive DIY solution. Installation is slightly tricky, you'll need more than one person. However the results are very good. Parting with the CRT was sweet sorrow. It served me well for many years. Couldn't even give it away. But undo goo with screen fabric.
I use normal gamma. It looks pretty good. But my pj doesn't quite have a 100 hours on it yet.
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