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A pair of Seaton Submersives would be a good choice. Check out the Triax from Power Sound Acoustics. If it were me I would probably go with a pair of Velodyne DD-18 +'s. I really like the remote control. SVS, Rythmik, or Fathom are also good choices, however, I still prefer the Velo DD-18 +'s. See the numbers in the Data-Bass tests: http://www.data-bass.com/systems
I'm planning on buying an 80 inch TV (probably a Sharp). Does anyone know if TVs this large come with in-home service? Returning such a huge piece of electronics is a major PITA...
In the April 2014 issue, there are tests of 3 subwoofers. JL Audio E110 $1,500 M&K X12 THX $3,200 REL Habitat1 $1,999 Only the JL Audio E110 is up on their web site at this time. With regard to the M&K, the reviewer liked it a lot, however, at $3,200 he cited the high cost and the lack of a parametric equalizer. There is steep competition at around $3,000. You know the usual suspects. A few examples. Submersive, Captivator, PSA Triax., dual SVS...
You are correct. He wants to improve WAF by going to a smaller sub. And, I agree with you that many of the good internet direct 12 inch subs would work for him. SVS PB 2000 would be a good choice with the 5 year warranty, 45 day try out and the trade up policies. The most dramatic difference would be the SVS SB 13 Ultra or the recently introduced JL Audio E112.Either of those 2 in piano black should have a high WAF.
Have you tried using your VTF-15 with both ports plugged? Sounds like you have sufficient headroom to use the VTF 15 in this quasi sealed mode. You would probably get response similar to a sealed sub.Your situation is something of an anomaly in that you have a huge space but don't need a large ported sub. Of the subs you mentioned, the SVS SB-13 Ultra would be a very potent performer with unbeatable support, including 45 day no cost return policy. You would most...
I realize that the number of watts isn't unimportant, however, savvy sub designers have to balance wattage along with other factors, like cabinet size and driver excursion. You will be surprised by how much output a mere 300 watts can get you. http://www.svsound.com/ 45 day no risk try out. (it doesn't get any better than that). Try to look at the SVS Bill of Rights.
At about $1,000 you have a number of choices. Going the internet direct route can save you money. Take a look at this: http://www.hsuresearch.com/products/uls-15.html The ULS 15 has a very good 15 inch driver. The difference between 1200 watts and 600 watts on the HSU doesn't make a whole lot of difference. You could buy 2 subs from SVS namely the PB-1000. There also other choices.
If I was in your position, I would almost certainly keep both subs. Duals have distinct advantages...
Now that Def Tech gave up on the SuperCube Reference and SuperCube Trinity, the current subs all have numerical names; SC2000, 4000, 6000, 8000. The previous generation also used numbers. So, it is not surprising that one would look for such a number with any Def Tech sub. As you know, the Trinity was a prodigious performer with 2 X 14 inch drivers and 4 X 14 inch passive radiators and the amp was rated by Def Tech at 2,000 watts.
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