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ATTENTION DIGITAL LEEZA OWNERS!!! Can somebody say, where can I adjust sharpness on this unit? I have Rev.B and 2.3.9. firmware... Thanks in advance,
Hi! PLEASE HELP! Best way to use HDMI with CRT projector? Thanks in davance!
Hi, I can offer to come in Riga :)
Hi, HDTV in Europe (via ASTRA sattelite) is the US STB models compatible? Thanks in advance,
Hei, If You want to see XG135 in action, You can visit me at Riga - it's close to Sweden ;) Best price You will get buying this beast in US and then carefully ship it to Sweden. Price for used 1351 is about $3500-$4500 USD + $1000 shipping to Sweden. Hope it helps,
HI, 1350 and 1351 has no COMPONENT INPUT!
Hi, Thanks for reply! This thread was about future... When (after couple years) new DVD format will be released (HD-DVD or whatever), then DVD players will be with HDMI output. Composite, S-Video and Component - all these analog formats will be the past (as black & white TVs). I'm about 99% sure about it. Maybe digital projectors then will be in the same PQ as best CRT - I don't know. Just thinking, how we (CRT PJ users) will hooking our new equipment with analog...
Hi, I shipped my XG from US to Europe couple years ago. Price was about $1200 incl. all PERFECT packaging (in wood box on palett). Shipper was small company in LA - forgot the name :( I think, price for shipping will be aprox. $1000 USD at these days. Perfect packaging and insurance IS MOST IMPORTANT!!!
Thanks Steve, Yes, I'm already have Panny with SDI and Leeza scaler at my setup. I'm just completely understand (reading all info about HDMI), where all consumer products will go in near future. I'm really OK with my current setup :) P.S. There will be lot of customers for first HDCP mods on these devices ;)
Hi, Just wondering, how to convert DVI (HDMI) signal from DVD player 720P to analog CRT projector with highest possible quality? May I use scaler DVI in to RGBHV out or there is any cheaper solution? Just getting ready for the future Thanks in advance,
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