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Since there isn't any new good bass movie recently, I revisited Hell Boy II and holy cow, it's definitely 5 stars. How about the first Hell Boy in the bass department? I needed to revisit Dredd 3D this weekend.
That's gonna be lots of cans and bottles
perhaps it is the Rythmik servo which lets you hear that? None of other ID company offers that.
^^ I wouldn't use PSA chart as a buying or comparison guide. Until Ricci can post numbers for the PSA XV30f, we just can't compare.
I didn't suggest he should buy Rythmik. Think of this as in a room face to face conversation with a group of PSA owners with same situation that one guy wants to sell his Triax for a pair of PSA subs and someone mentions the Rythmik subs pair is also a good choice, what do you think other would say? No no? or ...? I agree there is no need to debate over this
there are times folks recommending other sub in the sub owner thread including PSA in Rythmik owner thread and I don't see anything wrong with that if it is valid, at least for me. How I ended up with Rythmik was from reading the HSU owner thread as I used to own HSU sub. Suggesting the f25 and fv15hp pair is a good valid option within his price range; perhaps you think its wrong to do so in PSA thread. I understand folks seem to show their loyalty to the sub they own...
Yeah, I know but I want folks to stay open mind. I wouldn't know or own the Rythmik if I didn't as I came from Hsu sub.
^^ it won't be that much if it is a bad driver as you will take the driver out yourself and ship just that.
^^ no need to worry as it is still under warranty. Call Brian.
Ahblaza, dual of the one mentioned would be good and plenty for your room. I am throwing the pair of Rythmik F25's or FV15hps in the mix as another good option within your price range.
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