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Just bought my first LCD - a Philips 52PFL7422D I read through about 6 pages of this thread , but could not find any suggestions on setting up the Picture (brightness, scaling etc ). I don't need anything exact - just a rough setting . I tried the Avia disc but got totally confused. Thanks,Peter
Does anyone have any comments about buying the Panasonic th-50pe700u ? I read that Panasonic rates 1080p plasma for 100,000 hours :http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=890379 Thanks,Peter
Any info on what (if any) HD channels are broadcast OTA in Calgary? i assume ota is easy to pick up since it is very flat in Calgary, right ? Any recommendatins on a usb or pci hdtv receiver ? Thanks,Peter
The problem is that all PC video cards are dvi, so getting a hdmi is not a good choice. Like i said , i want to attach a lcd to my moniter, and support hdcp. the dell 2007 wfp seems to support hdcp over dvi. Anyone have any comments ? Thanks, Peter
I read a review of the dell 2007WFP, which supports "hdcp over dvi". i want to watch blue ray movies at the fullest resolution . previously, i assumed that hdmi was required in order to have hdcp. i understand that hdcp is required in order to watch BD disc at fullest resolution, right? I'm looking for a display that i can use with my PC nvidia 7600 using the DVI , plus hook up to the future Play Station 3 to watch BD discs. Thanks, Peter
I am looking for a low cost 26" screen which I can use with a computer and with future Blue ray (BD). to support hd , I must have hdmi ( i read that e BD will downcast the ananlog component signal, and dvi probably won't work) but most computer video cards output dvi , not hdmi. is there any screen with dvi and hdmi? is there a computer video card that outputs hdmi ? I also need one s-video port. Thanks,Pter
I am pasting the 'additional specifications' from gateway web site. Can you hardware guys read the specs and give feedback about the quality ? For example , pixel pitch is 1.09mmx1.08mm. # pixels is 852x480 . Is that good or what ?Peter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Additional Specifications • Advanced digital image processing - Get bright, flicker-free pictures with a processor...
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