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No picture as of the other day after not turning on the projector for a few months. I have not disconnected the verical board; I don't know what/where that board is. No lights while looking at the front of the projector. No red light on the control module. I did notice the vertical BNC cable was not connected. "Horizontal deflection board"? You're speaking with an amateur and one that hasn't been into the technical stuff for quite some time. Any diagrams you can give?
BTW, the tubes are not lighting up. The projector makes all the typical noises; static, clicks, but no image.
I tested a 9v battery and confirmed the voltage tester works, but when I test the P14 pin connectors I get nothing; zero reading. What next???
I'm getting a reading of zero. Why would I touch the leads together? I'm going to test the meter by trying to get a reading on a 9v battery.
I'm not getting any reading from the tester. I put a fresh battery in the tester. Could there be a problem with the tester? jim
Hi all. Getting back to my dilema. What do I set the voltage tester to? See pic. And do I have the Marquee plugged and and powered up? Or just plugged in? Thanks. jim
What is a VP?
Thanks for the link. It's been awhile since I viewed Tim's info. I hate to think that the professional calibration is now ruined. I think a buddy has a voltage tester.
I'll get a voltage tester ASAP; until then I won't change anything, or even use the projector. It's been a long while since I understood (or tried to) the various settings. Following are the settings for the frequencies: 3200k 49/68 64/68 49/61 6400k 49/68 90/64 50/69 9300k 35/61 90/62 50/68
I lowered the red drive to 16 but there is still a tint of red, and the other colors don't look correct. By the way, the settings I posted were at 3200K. Are they different for each frequency? Sorry, I've been away from the technical aspects for several years.
New Posts  All Forums: