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Nice. I had to go to the October one because I didn't yet have my passport. One of my constituents went so you may have met him.To me content is king so I am really glad they added that feature. DCI content is so superior to anything else out there and it will be even more apparent on even the minimal screen size spec with IMAX.So I take it you are an integrator as well?
Yep I am aware. I attended the training last year.Considering the point of entry for the system the ability to add playback of DCI material is nearly immaterial.
The other nice feature of the IMAX Private Theatre is the ability to play D-Cinema content. Providing of course that you can get access to the content.
We are working on an ATMOS private theater that should be complete in Q2. I am anxious to finally hear the system in person.
I find it amusing that the lack of pictures bothers you yet by your own admission you are not in the "market anyway". Anyone truly interested in a purchase will ask for pictures. Anyone who is just tire kicking will just complain.
LOL. I can't wait to see how this one turns out. An "integrator" asking for advice on AVS forum for a project he is bidding on. You can't make this shi$ up!
Just an FYI that Crestron should be releasing an HDMI version of their Matrix switcher this summer. It looks like they will have wall terminated plates on the display side which look quite nice.
charris is right. At that level of scope you would be much better off with a video distribution system. If you are going to do a control system to manage the system then I would recommend either Autopatch or Crestron. Both are excellent. We use them all the time and they work exceedingly well. I personally prefer Crestron as their room solution box does more than just transmit balanced video over...
QQQ is spot on. Lighting Control - Vantage, Lutron, Crestron (All on the same playing field. I personally prefer Vantage but all three are great.) House Control (lighting, pool, security, A/V, camera integration) - Crestron or AMX. Anything else and you are opening yourself to a huge can of worms. I am sure there will be many people who will post that you can use an alternate control system to Crestron or AMX. My first question to them would be how many non-Crestron/AMX...
That room is quite far from "the best" in nearly every category a proper home theater should be judged.
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