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Tilt the TV. What could be simpler? Pete
Just curious. What does "bump" mean? Pete
I use the MX-500 with macros to switch the inputs on my Samsung 617 without discrete codes. You just have to have a home base or starting point that you always return to. I use the MX-500 "main" page with my cable box selected. I wrote several macros, e.g. the DVD macro moves the input selector the required number of positions to select the DVD, in my case the DVI input. I also have a return from DVD macro that takes me back to the staring point as is required. This...
I think I answered my own question. Presumably most receivers have a remote control. All I have to do is include the receiver commands in the macros I already use for switching inputs on the 617. Thanks for listening anyway. Pete
The manual says that component sources are also excluded. How would you switch the subwoofer line in or any other line in to select the different sources? Manual switching the receiver when changing program sources is unacceptable. I believe I have heard of receivers or adapters that automatically select the live audio source. This must be a very common problem with a common solution that I am not aware of. Pete Pete
I have a question about the Samsung audio monitor output (unrelated to the optical issue). Perhaps someone could give me some advice. My Samsung HLN617 audio monitor output works in RF, Video and S-Video modes. It doesn't work in Component and DVI modes. How do I connect a receiver to monitor all modes without manually switching audio inputs? Thanks Pete
My other postings re black level are at: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...light=PStevens http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...light=PStevens http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...light=PStevens Pete
I use a contrast filter that I made myself as I have posted in other threads. It does improve the blacks but has 2 drawbacks. Bad room reflections and the hassle of putting it on and off. I used 1/8 inch acrylic which I had tinted at an automobile tint shop with 35% transmission film. The only other way to improve the blacks is to stop down the iris in your eye by using a back-light. For me it has to be too bright to be of use so I live with the poor blacks. Pete
It won't get better. Just be glad you didn't get an LCD projector. They are worse. Pete
Initially I had no stuck mirrors on my HLN617. After 3 months I have one. It is no big deal. I just hope it doesn't lead to many more. If you examine the screen carefully you can clearly see the micro mirrors and their supporting structure. There is no way this could be confused with dust. Pete
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