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This sounds great! An HDMI switcher with Gamma is exactly what I want. I am glad one will be coming to the market.
Hey, not the time to make the shortest post of your life Inquiring minds want to know more....
I would not hang it from a 7' ceiling. If you can not raise it into the ceiling I would go with a small digital unit. Glad I do not have 7' ceilings. If you do, put your chair right under it but edged toward the front so when you stand your head will not hit it and because of the chair no one will want to walk under it. Good luck.
So all of a sudden my comcast DVR tells me my copyright has been compromised and basically shuts down. (I have the MJ DVI input card). I recently switched out my cable box and now have the 3416. Okay, so I call comcast to try and figure out what has changed in the last 2 weeks since I have received this box that is giving me the error. Me: call comcast - First read the error to technical support Her: I understand, this should not be happening bla bla bla Me: ...
I have no idea what he is saying. I wish we could get a shootout for the 1080i to 1080p deinterlacing against some of the high end units. Seems a lot of folks want this feature over all others but do not want to shell out the big bucks - is it possible......................
Best season finally since :
I would easly say it is sharper with the 9500. I upgraded from the 8" maybe a year ago. I just have no way of getting 1080p native or 1080i pur deinterlaced into the projector now. I also would love to play with Gamma.
Hey Mark, I have the 9500LC I love the 1080p pick I have now, but it does have to bobble from 1080i to 540 back to 1080p. I would like to see how much difference there would be going from 1080i and deinterlacing to 1080p. My other motivation is I would like to adjust Gamma, and since my current path is the comcast box right into my MJ scaler via DVI there is no way for me to use any of the current crop of Gamma adjusters. If there was a good external...
both 2k+ and feature rich options. Any units that can do this job for less since that is the only thing I want it to do?
What are the options for this that will not bobble to 1080i to 540 and back up to 1080p? I need no other functionality. I could use new or used. I want a good job of deinterlacing, but like I said I do not care at all about scaling. Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: