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To me the most intriguing part of the show is how Skylar is gradually descending to Walt's level of depravity. What a great scene when her lawyer lectured her that if she has anything to do with her criminal husband, she too would be a criminal. This is a woman who left Walt because she thought he might have lied to her about having a secret cell phone. And now she is setting up a front business to launder drug proceeds! It will be interesting to see in Season 5 how they...
The credit card I used for PSN just got cancelled. This is the message: Important Security Message A recent merchant database compromise may have put your account at risk. A new card/account number has been issued. Continue to use your existing card until you activate the new card, or until the Closure Date shown on the new card carrier, whichever is sooner.
I liked Julianne's accent. Jack's blue collar upbringing is part of his backstory.
Why don't you just record the TV on the machine which you intend to play it back? Your plan sounds wildly over complicated.
DL only can't happen soon enough for me. I think it's headed to a download only scenario. Why would the developers want to give a cut of the profits to Walmart and Gamestop? In the PC world I simply won't buy a title unless it's available on Steam. I detest the inconvenience of swapping discs. I also hate the fact that $60 Xbox disc's are so fragile. My Xbox destroyed by COD4 disc.
Thanks for turning me on to the show. I'm apparently the only person in the country that thinks that American Idol sucks so I never discovered Glee. It has a nice Election vibe.
Season 3 is supposed to start in March of 2010. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Chuck_episodes
What was wrong with the two Bens? I thought they were both kind of charming.
You can download the Windows 7 RC for free and try it. Win7 Media Center Supports H.264, Xvid, and DivX out of the box. I'm not sure about those other formats. Win7MC and HDHR are really quite amazing. The setup takes a few minutes and it works perfectly with no tinkering.
New Posts  All Forums: