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Hi, I'm sorry, but I really don't have any info... I don't know of anyone that has come across a repair manual... Mike
Oh, OK, obviously you want D65 contrast ratio... It seems odd to me, though, that if you raise the contrast ratio high enough, the color of white changes. I'm not saying I don't believe it - it just seems odd... Mike
I'm a little bit confused about your quote about the HS-20: Quote: I certainly could have achieved higher CR numbers by raising the Contrast adjustment. However, levels much beyond 80 noticeably degrade the image quality. Typically contrast is white level, and there is only 1 correct level. If you set it too high, your whites are crushed, if you set it too low, then the projector never tries to output maximum light. You said if you set it too high,...
You posted the ColorFacts graphs of the BenQ - but not the Sony? Any plans to post the primaries for the HS20? And you said that the grayscale was find out of the box for the Sony? Mike
Thanks Jeff J! I'm curious to find out what happens! Mike
So Darin - is your formula based on experience, or is it more of an intuition? I was pretty interested in this question a couple of years ago. With DavisTuner, I had access to all 512 points on the gamma curve of my Davis. Which then caused the question - what do you do with all that flexibility? At the time, I was using as my test the opening sequence in The Matrix. I wanted to see more shadow details. So I increased gamma, then recalibrated with Avia (and had...
OK, I think I understand what you're saying Darin. To restate it slightly differently, mathematically: Normally y = g(x) = x^2.5, where 0 <= x <= 1 You're saying you have some IRE floor, let's call it c. For your real 1000:1 DLP projector, you want: y = ( (x+c) / (1+c) )^2.5 For x=1, obviously y=1, regardless of c, and for x=0, you adjust c so that it matches the black level of your projector. Let's say b is the black level of your projector, in your...
Darin - I think I understand what you're saying. You're saying if you have an output of 1/1000 as the blackest black, what IRE would that correspond to in 2.5 gamma? In other words: x^2.5 = 1/1000 You get 6%. In other words, 6 IRE (assuming 0 IRE black) (and everything lower) should map to "0" output from the projector. The projector doesn't start trying to output light until 7 IRE and up. All 0-6 IRE signals (once again, I'm pretending the signals are encoded...
Try DavisTuner ! :) Sorry I can't compare it to the X1 however... Mike
Quote: Originally posted by lar282 I'm to chicken to load a cinemaone firmware into a cinevision. Yes they are simelar but I just can't take that risc... By the way, is there way to SAVE a firmare. Just in case I decide to try and then want to go back to my broken one.... Unfortunately, there's no way that I know of to save a firmware... BTW, what exactly did you do to your firmware to destroy it in the first place? Mike
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