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Quote: Originally posted by mikejz84 I would say about $600. I don't know, I'm not sure how easy it would be to get $600 for my DLX650, which is XGA... Mike
Is your projector 800x600 or 1024x768? Mike
Well, here's to hoping... I'm planning on attending for the first time. Mike
Really? I just clicked on the link in my sig, and it worked fine... Does that not work for you?? It should be http://www.flaster.net/davistuner/ - if you have a bookmark, it might be wrong. Mike
No, you have version, there is no 1.2. 1.1 is the most recent. You're probably not doing anything wrong, try the most recent version. Mike
There was a bug with DavisTuner working with L firmware for the 650, but I fixed it in version 1.1. What version did you try? Yes, you can still get it from my site. It's odd that you didn't see a big improvement from using it... Mike
Hey Gerald, what happened to your 450? I seem to recall something went wrong with it, but I forgot what... Mike
Au contraire, Nick, I'm sure it was the fault of DavisTuner.... :) It certainly sounds like a bug. Try the new 1.1 version. I know I fixed a bug, I thought it was only with the L firmware, I'm not quite sure. Another possibility to try is to start with the firmware file that I sent you, and then make modifications to that. Mike
What version of DavisTuner do you have? What firmware are you trying to modify? Is it the DLX650 L? Mike
Could you post where you get it? Assuming you're willing to share the info! :) Mike
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