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Check out this "Channel Master 4251 Tribute Site": http://www.rocketroberts.com/cm4251/cm4251.htm Also look at this link for performance comparisons: http://atechfabrication.com/tests/04...st_results.htm
I have the same set and there is noticeable overscan with HD signals. This should be correctable with the service menu and I plan to order a service manual to figure out how.
You need to set the HR10-250 to 480i mode to get a signal on the composite/s-video jacks.
How close can you sit to these new 60" Pioneer panels without noticing noise and pixel structure. I sit about 8 feet away from a 50" Fujitsu that I've considered replacing with a FHD1, but I just can't get excited about the FHD1's black levels and wonder if a 1540 might work for me--bigger can be better.
Jeff, Thanks for your FHD1 calibration report! Are you saying that the 0 IRE levels that were reduced by about half post calibration might not be accurate due to being at the lowest measurement range for your instrument? Did black levels seem lower to your eye post calibration and compare well with your results for Panasonic panels. If ISF calibration is the means to state of the art for plasma deep blacks as well as a proper gray scale and accurate colors, I would really...
Blade, The gray I'm talking is the dark gray that represents the lowest output state for a plasma panel, which should ideally be black. I've stood in my local Tweeter and BB/Magnolia watching their in house HD loops and studied those blank (black) intervals between programming, and very easily seen how different panels, including the FHD1, compare on a 0 IRE signal. You can't turn down brightness enough on any plasma I know, including my own 3 1/2 year old Fujitsu, and...
Ken, As I reported after my first encounter in an earlier thread, black levels on FHD1s are a major disappointment, and beyond about 6-7 feet, I can't see any additional detail compared to 768p panels. Yesterday, I finally saw a FHD1 displaying a HD DVD source, The Last Samurai, and while detailed if viewed close to the screen, the 'black' bars at top and bottom were noticeably gray. I'm still using a series 10 P50, sitting about 8 feet away, and have been looking to...
I saw one at a Tweeter Sunday just after they hung it below an Elite 930. With an inhouse HD server 1080i source and out of the box settings, I didn't think it looked any better than the smaller set, and on the frequent black intervals between demo programs, the black level seemed higher on the FHD1. I observed similar source artifacts on both screens. The large glass front bezel makes the FHD1 look very different from the other Elite models. I look forward to watching...
Jim, I've had a P50/10 for the past three years and been thinking recently about getting a P50/40. How would you describe the improvements in the newer AVM II model? Should I wait for the next generation of plasma improvements? Charles
You can activate different sorting modes for the 'now playing list' on the HR10-250. While viewing that screen, press in sequence: slow, 0, record, and thumbs up. You will be able to change between viewing the list by recording date, expiration date, or alphabetical order--the latter will group all your lost episodes together in the list. Charles
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