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Where are you?
I just built that! Its a very fun build! quick ugly phone pic
I really liked SR, I didn't see it in theaters, saw it in mine on HD-DVD. That said, I didn't care much for MoS.
Looks real nice, i was going to compare mine to that screenshot this weekend. Is that low lamp mode? I'm sure I'll need high to look like that.
How big is that screen?
My screen is paid off in about 15 more months...K is next on my list... Best Buy 3 years same as cash, no interest FTW!
http://www.avsforum.com/t/1467738/screen-is-here-woot#post_23425990 Except for the lights of all my gear, its essentially black at night. Still watchable during the day. I think of the lamp as a disposable item, so I use HIGH most of the time. Only at 400 hours now and using it less and less with new baby in the house (5 months old).
I bought the bond50 set this past Christmas and haven't opened it yet. Your post makes me wn to! Be interesting if it holds up on my 181" screen!
Since one of the recent patches, the Xbox 360 will remember your accounts and log you in. I have had two in house for 2 or 3 years now.
Jvc x95 with Panamorph DC1 and the motorized mount
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