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Without 3D ?! $3K and no more
Do you have photos of LED? I think this projector have not PT120 but PT54. May be inside this projector white 50W chinese led's with RGB color filters Same joke from "Mr. Cre" as with D7 from Epson...
1.Hugo 2.Dolphin Tale 3.Transformers
New betas http://software.gopro.com.s3.amazona...m- http://software.gopro.com.s3.amazona...o-
If your workflow incl Cineform try new GoPro CineForm Studio Premiere beta or download only CineForm dll's decoders for Vegas: http://software.gopro.com.s3.amazona...uh0Trdwz1lU%3D Unzip and copy over the older decoders here: C:\\Program Files (x86)\\CineForm\\Tools (64-bit systems) or C:\\Program Files\\CineForm\\Tools (32-bit systems.)
Panasonic DMC-3D1
MVC2AVI 0.31 produced wrong (progressive in Vegas) flag for cineform files. Need to change manually as interlaced.
Anyone is tested Ultrastudio3D with TD10 ?
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