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Okay, Swede, for just 30 seconds I'll accept the explanation that the master used for the BD is indeed less detailed than the master used for the HDTV broadcast and I will also make the leap of faith that these are, in fact, sourced from the same master.Here's where the AVS logic takes you...A. One of the largest and wealthiest media conglomerates in the world relegated one of their most prized assets to some bush league post house who then botched the transfer.B....
4k/6K remasters of material that is often less than 2K at the source. Yeah, that would fix it. I think the stupidity of that comment pretty much speaks for itself. People that post this sort of idiocy should be banned from this forum. How do you know they actually used a form of DNR that softened the detail of the source master? Some poster on AVS forum said so? Riiiight.
The uncut version with proper English subtitles does exist in HD. I have seen a 720p rip of an HDTV source, but I don't know where this was originally shown. Finding it might be a trick. Good luck with that.
Translated;"Smack-smack-smack..."Mmmmm, tasty. Who knew those little black birdies tasted so good.
I recall this was released in in the UK a while back. It may now be out of print.
Yes, I'm going to get these discs when they are available. I don't understand the part about proving anyone wrong, however. What I have seen posted is opinion based on assumption, including mine. I think these transfers look fine. Others disagree. I seriously doubt my opinion will change after I see the actual Blu-ray.I have not, nor have I seen the first release. Not a movie I care that much about.
I am comparing similar sources, and I disclose up front what my frame of reference is. Many in this thread are claiming these discs are "substandard" based on screen caps. An intelligent person would understand that.
RE: HDTV vs. Blu-ray (Disclaimer: my visual source is MKV rips of both versions...) I don't know how many different HDTV rips are out there or which one, or ones, are being referred to in this thread. What I have seen are 1080p rips of an HDTV version of the three films with inter-cut scenes from DVD source to reconstruct the extended versions. The compression codec is MPEG-2. The Blu-ray rips are as I stated previously. Relatively high bit rate (for MKV) AVC...
Just for the record, I have no affiliation with Warner or any other studio or affiliate of a studio. I've never signed an NDA from Warner or anyone else. Although now no longer directly involved, I have however, been writing reviews of video material for quite some time.Since you are obviously a reviewer of some sort in "your country", then your review is where you state your opinion of these discs and put it out there for all to read and decide whether they are in...
You would actually put more stock in a completely unknown HDTV screen cap than you would in a 15 GB AVC rip of the actual Blu-ray disc? And you have the temerity to call me a novice? Riiiiight. Like I said, zero credibility.
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