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Look into room treatment instead. Studio 100's are not bright.....and your comment of "no bottom end" is confusing. What are you crossing them over at? Your sub is supposed to look after the low stuff.
A Denon X4000 receiver with MultEQ XT32 or one of Anthem's MRX lineup (310/510) with ARC should put a smile on your face. Check out the related threads here and go from there.
Altho your lists of inputs wanted is important, you should be considering a receiver that has the best room correction software IMO. That will have the biggest impact of how your room will sound next to room treatment and the speakers themselves. Yamaha's YPAO is not in the running compared to Audyssey's XT32 or Anthem's own ARC. I own the latter and the SQ is amazing. It sounded good before with the panels in my room but ARC has made my system sound even better.
Quick question regarding using ARC and moving my sub to the best possible position in the front stage area. Can I do quick sweeps on just that channel and figure out which place is the best for my SVS? It sounds good but I'm sure I have nulls on certain areas sitting on the couch.
Yes, try reading the manual on how to apply different sound modes from a stereo source.
I briefly had a pair of Polk TSX110B's for my rear surrounds until I stumbled onto a used pair of Paradigms (which my other speakers are) and was pleased with them.....not overly bright, full sounding and pretty good pricing. A bonus with them is they have a bracket attached to the rear so you can wall mount them. Up your budget a bit and go with them....I dont think you'll be disappointed.
If you actually hook it all up properly, position the speakers right and run the Anthem room correction, you will find out what you've been missing for years. The only reason you think your HTIB is "good enough" is because you haven't heard anything else....but do what you want.
Of course it will.....as long as you stay home and never listen to anything else. Or peruse this forum. With features like advanced room correction and wireless connectivity, (maybe you dont care but alot actually do) receivers have made leaps and bounds in progress compared to even 5 years ago.The amp section doesn't really change but with improvements such as HDMI, BD audio formats and room correction software like XT32 and ARC, (MCAAC and YPAO not even in same league)...
Yea, the SE5's are $150 PER SPEAKER....gotta watch that when pricing certain ones.I had the BX5's, the Samson's blow them out of the water IMO.
I've gone thru a few active speakers and currently running these..... http://www.samsontech.com/samson/products/studio-monitors/resolv/resolvse5/ Very nice highs, good mid bass and price is decent (under $300 CAD)
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