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It's more than that for me. I had a friend who was a victim of a couple of serial killers in Northern California who had set themselves up a little rape/torture/murder dungeon and were kidnapping and killing hikers in the area. So I find the whole idea of serial killers as entertainment repugnant.
Nope. Can't stand it. Sorry.
Which is probably good for his acting career because he is terribly wooden and boring when he's acting like a good guy.
"OK, let's just walk past the flying car on our way to start the 7 mile hike through the wilderness. Ready...Go!"
I binge-watched the last 4 episodes off my DVR this weekend and in my opinion, this show continues to be the stand-out drama of the new season. I haven't seen any other new broadcast network shows this year that come close.
No, there are separate companies that producers contract with to create those kind of interactive apps that change the screen graphics as the actor types on the keyboard. At most, the company doing the product placement will provide screen grabs of very specific graphics that they want to see on screen. For example, I have been provided screen graphics for Sprint phones, On-Star navigation system screens, and Cisco teleconferencing screens. But somebody else will have to...
Nope. Not done filming for the season yet: According to her Twitter post, today is the first day of filming for the season finale.
I'm going to pass on this one. I'm pissed that FOX decided to go film this show in the UK chasing production subsidies, screwing all the Los Angeles crew people who worked so hard on it during its original run. #$%& 'em. By the way, UK readers of this site, did you know your taxes are paying as much as 30% of the production cost of US shows that film in the UK? Despite the fact that Hollywood studios are making record profits? Do Kiefer and Hollywood producers need your...
Submitted without comment: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s mind control sex scene and rape culture
Usain Bolt aside, the fastest runners in the world aren't known for their bulk and big muscles. They are usually very lean. And the more running they do, the leaner they are (compare sprinters to marathoners) I have no problem with the actor's physical stature. In fact, it makes the show more believable to me. I'm tired of seeing every TV super hero looking like a wrestler. The character's super power is SPEED, not STRENGTH. The problem with that photo isn't the actor's...
New Posts  All Forums: