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Not on a CW series budget, there isn't.
It's been off the air so long, I forgot why the two NSA dweebs were monitoring the law firm's phone traffic in the first place.
My wife asked me what this show is about. After watching half a dozen episodes, the best description I came up with was to say it is 'Dynasty' with more interesting costumes and gang rape. Seems to about sum it up.
LOL. Karma's a bitch. I'll explain why later when I can talk about it.
'Grey's Anatomy' still shoots on film (although rumor has it this may be the last year). If it looks blurry to you, I can tell you why in 3 words: Middle Aged Actresses. They filter the crap out of that show, and light it with the emphasis on making the actresses look more pretty, with everything else being sacrificed for that effect. I used to work on another ABC primetime soap opera, and was complaining to the DP that his unrealistic lighting was kind of screwing up my...
FOX (and probably Kiefer) screwed up 'Touch'. They didn't like Tim's format of changing characters and conflict each week ala 'Highway to Heaven', 'Touched by an Angel', 'Knight Rider', 'The A Team', etc. They decided they wanted a show that was more serialized, and more action and conspiracy oriented for Kiefer. Thus season 2 was a totally different (and worse) show. Then they realized that they just needed to bring back '24', which they could do after the movie plans...
That's what TNT did with 'Mob City'. 3 nights, 2 hours each.
I agree with the points being made here, but my take on it is that perhaps the writers have noticed the same thing, and that ultimately the kiss on the train was to show Sheldon learning to be more attentive and appreciative of Amy, and put them a little more on track to be a real relationship. I guess we'll see how it plays out.
Saying that Under the Dome is "probably better than average" isn't much of an endorsement. It's firmly in the 80% of television that is just plain unwatchable, in my opinion. The first episode was a horrible script from the get-go, and the acting and directing only made it worse. Couldn't bring myself to watch any further episodes.It's almost an insult to Sherlock that Under The Dome is even mentioned in the same thread. That's how bad it is.
New Posts  All Forums: