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The rest of your life.
Brilliant. Glad I could help
That's my guess, nothing at all from the company. But if everything in the the new models was held constant, the chip increase cost would force in my opinion a MSRP of $6K. Remember products are discounted and trade in deals are always a possibility. And besides Joe you prefer ring scaling to non ringing scaling. You like the illusion of increased sharpness by the halo at transition edges obscuring edge detail. That's OK and not meant as an insult. its a trick done by...
Once again, from what I know about the cost of huge processor chips Remember we are talking talking about a chip with 4 times the amount of processing power than the current processor. .
They let you post over there?
I have no inside info on the 4K in processor. I just know that the processing power needed to process 4K is massive and expensive. Regarding the Sony scaling, I just can't stand the ringing it deliberately inroduces in an effort to increase the perceived sharpness. That's why I purchased the preceding generation. I didn't realize it didn'y do 4K 60 out making it useless to upscale the HD sports programming I watch. I will be getting the new one shortly and can hardly wait.
At high altitude you really need to substantial aerate the reds, cheap or expensive. In case anyone doesn't know, 2 Buck Chuck, is a brand that Trader Joe's sells.
The 4K in chips are simply not available to Lumagen yet. I expect the 4K in model to be available late this year an d itto be quite more expensive, say in the $6K range. Maybe we will see Darby 4K level processing and calibration etc at 4K as well. This will require masssive processors (read expensive).. The 4K out in the just announced models is 4:2:0 8 bit at 60. I do not know if it's HDMI 2.0 or HDCP 2.2 compliant. I doubt its HDCP 2.2 given that it's not 4K in.
It has 8 HDMIs in and 2 out. there is another model that has analog ins as well. The HDMI only 4K 60 out is $3995 MSRP ans is 1RU high just like the 4K 30 out ones. It is available immediately. No trade in deals have been announced. another interesting feature it has both a RS232 in for software updates AND has a USB in for upgrades of software as well. So no more USB to RS232 converter needed and no more null modem cable needed either.
Be careful Thrang, Adidino could have been cast in the Sopranos .
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