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I received an unsigned email from Sony today apologizing for them not being able to give me the 10 free designated movie deal but giving me instead three $100 electronic code number coupons for which to buy any 10 movies I wanted to. Of course since many of the movies approximately cost $35 each, I will only be able to buy 8 factoring in MD sales tax of 6 percent. I would have not written the email that way and instead just say they were giving me $300 for buying any 4K...
There are no bad cameras, just some not so great photographers. I was just questioning whether Adreas was saying he had the top of the line Canon or one of the upper end Canons. What Canon is best depends on its intended use. I should nature shots primarily with long lenses and need fast auto focusing and a high frames per second. I don't shoot video.
Selling season Xmass 2015 is basically what the Sony presenter said in his presentation. I think he is being overly optimistic
Ever since mid January or for 3 months now. Some here think the word unofficially implies it could be by the end of the year. I interpret it to mean, our present tract expectation is late last Q 2115 though it could take longer.
The Bluray Disc Association might need to impose some requirement on labeling so that few upscales don't sour the market into a no difference.
How are we ever going to know what we are getting? Do you think the Studios will give us the production details of a given 4K disc. Scanned from film at 4k or higher etc? We will never get a law requiring disclosure.o
Do you think the studios who except for Sony are independent of the display manufacturers are driving 4K or is it the other way around with the studios cashing in on the display manufacturers? I see it as a symbiotic relationship with the chicken coming before the egg, the chicken being the display manufacturers.
Where are all the bros? this is not like a normal meet. Its a state of inebriation for several days with lots of eats and good meals. Cliffy's chairs are quite comfortable for ovenighters and I remember one meet where a few guests spend a night hanging from a closet hook. There is usually a good share of pretty women too. This will be the end of an era. The last picture show.
Unlike other parts of Best Buy, the Magnolia employees work on commission and are very limited on the discounts they can give. So please unless you are going to buy from them, don't waste a lot of their time to satisfy your video nerd needs. .
You have a Canon EOS-1DC? that's $10K USD or I will let you slide to a Canon EOS-1DX and still call it top of the line for a paltry $6K USD?
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