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That's what I suspected and the fan and bed aren't required. Just curious if anyone had managed them with any success.
OK. I only need IR for the TV, which is line-of-sight. My main question probably needs clarification: Can the remote RF control the fan and/or bed?
Hey, I even discovered that I've already asked the IR question and had it answered! http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Harmony-Remotes/Does-the-Harmony-Ultimate-remote-have-direct-IR/td-p/1101721
I thought that the Ultimate would produce an IR signal from the remote itself. Any recommendations for something that can do both?
I'm considering a Harmony Ultimate for my master bedroom. Here's what I'd like to control: Sony 55" flat panel wall mounted (IR) Uverse box, inside cabinet Apple TV inside cabinet Sony Bluray player inside cabinet I'd be satisfied with that, but here's too kickers: Control Fan/light - currently has dedicated remote, RF I think Therapedic Adjustable bed - RF dedicated remote Those last two would be nice, icing on the cake, but not required. Any suggestions? The...
Yep - I'm cptnrandy there, too.
Max Brooks IS Mel Brooks son. The novel is incredible and highly recommended. The movie, while acceptable as a straight up horror/popcorn flick, has nothing whatsoever to do with the novel.
Dude! Great work. Now go and enjoy some movies!
We watched this movie Friday night. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.I think that many people walk into this film with fixed expectation. I like to let a movie tell it's own story and that is definitely what Flight does. It's a mistake to look at this as a heroic action movie. It is a story of addiction and a breakdown of a man that is hard to see, even in light of a heroic, momentary act.And it's a story of redemption.I encourage more people to see this film and do so with an...
We're about to completely remodel the master suite. It's mainly a bathroom remodel, but it will include new hardwood floors for the bedroom, dumping some furniture, and finally allowing for a wall-mounted TV where a massive armor now stands. I know that it's dangerous posting here, but I thought that I'd ask anyway. I want a good enough TV with the following qualities: Thin! Mounts as close to the wall as possible (I can allow for wiring and power during construction....
New Posts  All Forums: