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Update on my issue I originally posted here (better late than never, right?). It turned out the issue was indeed my HDFury2 and not my VP50pro. The custom porch settings I was adding was pushing the bandwidth further than the HDF2 can handle. I've since replaced the unit with a Moome VIM-HD card and everything looks great. Thanks for the help.
Can you elaborate? The VP50Pro has individual R, G, and B gamma settings, but does not have multi-point gamma like, say, the RadianceXD. The Box1021, as I understand, has a single pot you turn to adjust gamma. What does it do that's better? I've got the VP50Pro and you've got me wondering now if I need a better gamma solution for my CRT.
Pretty cool Gary! Sounds like a rockin' system. Can't wait to see screen shots. Out of curiosity, any reason you're using the gamma adjustment on the Box1021 and not the VP50Pro?
Hilarious. Reminds me of the special cheats for Street Fighter. Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, select!
hehe, I only said that because I'm the one who bought the 9500Ultra off him.
You made the right decision, Chris.
I have over two dozen different samples of screen materials at my house. I was soooo tempted to get the HP as it just blew the others out of the water in terms of brightness. And it had the added bonus of being one of the cheapest materials I was looking at. Though as I compared all the the different samples together the HP showed some very significant flaws. I have some extremely off-axis seats in my room (which, btw, is far from the ideal home theater cave), and it...
A bit of a bumpy upgrade here to 2.02. Receiver seemed to freeze at step 1/14 with 00% complete. I waited about 10 minutes then turned off the unit via the small power button. Turned it back on and thankfully everything still seems to be working. It looks like the update was applied. I verified the version numbers are correct, and it says I have the most recent firmware applied. Some of my settings were left unchanged, and others were completely gone, including...
Thanks. I'm just getting into CRT so it's been a great first pj. (Actually, it's a Vidikron Vision One so it has the sweet Ferrari case.)The standard 1080p timing works fine. I can switch back and forth between it and any of the other "standard" resolutions in the 50Pro list and there's no jitter. If I run the pj in "short retrace" mode I don't get the image cutoff, but I do get vertical "jail-bar" ringing on the left side (common issue), so either way I need to customize...
You may be right, but I'm not yet convinced it's my pj that doesn't like the timing. I have an Electrohome Marquee 9500LC Ultra. I have tried over a dozen or more different variations of front/back/sync values. I get the same result every time. Once I set up a custom timing, everything works great. I can power cycle the VP50Pro and the pj. The custom setting sticks and the jitter-free viewing is not temporary. As long as I don't switch resolutions it looks great. ...
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