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This is from one of their brochures...Dual IR set – Two independent sets of NEC HEX commandsSorry, I do not have any further details.
Congratulations!!! I am delighted to hear of your success. I certainly understand your concern at the forces involved in this process. I was too. No, I don't recall any smell - but with the A/C on in here and my unit mounted at the ceiling - I doubt I would have noticed a smell. I think the only thing I noticed was a somewhat brighter picture - but that is just a subjective observation. I don't have anything to measure it with. Don't forget to go into your lamp hours...
Jiggle? Sledge hammer is more like it. I hope you work up the courage to get yours back in place. One other thought, perhaps you could loosen the three screws just a little - to allow some small amount of movement as it goes in. In my case, I just reviewed the photo, made mine match what I saw as close as possible and slammed it home. In any case, thanks for passing this along. At least we now know they know about the somewhat imperfect fit.
I would also like to hear the experience of others - particularly from those who do this for a living. Your experience mirrors mine. It took me a very (to me) surprising high level of force to get the unit out of and back into the projector. I originally expected some small amount of friction - but certainly not this much. One thing you do want to check is to compare the position of the bulb housing with respect to the carrier. You need the first photo to decide how...
Thanks to the photos by BIGmouthinDC and the discussion here I have completed a bulb replacement in my Planar PD8150 this afternoon. The bulb I purchased had only tabs for connections. So the existing wiring slipped off the old bulb and onto the new one with no difficulty. The biggest problem I had was getting the carrier out of and back into the projector. That required a great deal more force than I expected. Changing the bulb out was easy! I am attaching a few...
The specs in the back of the user manual say 4000 hours in 180watt (low) mode. I have run the projector only in low mode with a few very brief looks at what high mode would look like.
Has anyone bought a lamp for this projector yet? I have 3135 hours on my original lamp and I am thinking I need to be looking for a replacement.
Yes, 260.99 drivers. I will try some other HDMI ports on the Denon. Thanks for your response.
I want to use my PC for other purposes but leave it connected via HDMI to my Denon 5308ci for when I want to view Blu-Ray discs or other video using my projector. As soon as the Denon powers up, my PC display goes black. It is connected via DVI1 on the NVIDIA GTS 450 card. I have tried connecting the Denon via the DVI2 connector as well as the Mini-HDMI connector. Both ways still result in a black screen on the PC display any time the Denon is running. Have I missed...
Steve, Thanks for all your effort on this disc. Thanks also for the suggestion of viewing it via TMT. That worked great on my PC with NVIDIA GTS 450. Burner arrived today - going to burn a hard copy for my OPPO BDP-83. Downloaded in a little more than 8-1/2 hours last Sunday. Seeded back 58GB - hope that is considered fair. Phil
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