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Thanks for chiming in guys. I guess I just had a bad copy so I guess it's safe to request it again with better luck.
Hey, anybody rent Oldboy on blu ray and have it say "No Disc" in player? I've tried it in my 2 Denon BDP-4010's, PS4, and my tried and true 1st-gen. PS3 with the same results. Had to send it back and decided to rent something else due to this weeks recent releases coming out.
I'm using DL4 with (2)4311CI's and (2)BDP-4010's. Everything was going great with both systems then suddenly when I went to turn one on the DL4 was not indicating the third blue light connection. So I tried redoing the DL4 third blue light setup procedure found at the BDP-4010/A-100 forum. This didn't work so I simply checked for the latest firmware on both units and sure thing, the 4010 needed an update. Once done everything was running smoothly with DL4 and clock light...
Hey curious to know if you've tried the DenonLink with the AVP A1-HD and A1-UD pair? If so what's your take? I'm currently using the AVR-4311 with DBP-4010 via DenonLink which is a very dynamic pair so the upgrade is very enticing.
Picked up the 2D version at Target yesterday as they have a very nice Blu Ray book casing with lenticular front showing Superman and then Zod when rotated left to right. Inside there's a nice 65 pg. color booklet with excerpts from The Making Of, Welcome to Krypton, Welcome to Earth, and The Final Battle. Used my Redcard and saved 5% on the purchase. Watched it last night and couldn't agree more with all the great things said, especially the audio. Wow!! Great review as...
Good to hear that it worked for you.
Ok tried both players with Prometheus blu ray and they played fine. As you know, however drop dead the picture can be with these players the trade off is the slow load times. On both players this was the case in loading to the first screen in 62 secs., second screen another 39 secs., and then another 39 to the Fox intro. Overall it took 4 mins. to play the first scene. Coincidentally newer Fox discs are routinely slower to load than others in my experience. Evil Dead for...
I echo your sentiments and throw my hat in for the Denon AVR 4311CI.
Hey I'll give it a try in both of my players and chime in. I've never had an issue on either.
I'd say a Pioneer Kuro comes darn close
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