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Nope the Paradigm spikes are a pain in the butt to adjust for sure! The spikes are a lot smaller than what you would have on your 802 Diamonds. Maybe you could buy a spike kit that you like and somehow adapt it to work with the SUB 25? The feet you have on your SUB 25 now are adjustable, just have a look and you will see how they work. The spikes are obviously the identical diameter to the threaded rubber nub feet that are on there now, and would be adjusted the same way.
The feet on the SUB 25 are identical to that of other Paradigm Signature products like the S8 floor standers for example. So yes you can swap out the rubber thread in feet that come installed on the SUB 25 for spikes if you wish.
Yes I had this exact same issue with both the MRX 500 and MRX 300 I tried. This and the video stutter on 24p was why both units went back to the dealer. I am surprised that more people have not heard this noise with their units, it is very obvious and distracting, and for me to experience it with both the 500 and 300 I had tells me that it is an inherent problem with all MRX receivers.
My that Mocha finish is so stunning!!
Very glad to hear that the 24p issue is almost resolved! That was one particularly very annoying feature (for me anyways) the MRX receiver line has that made me return the 500 and 300 I had for testing. Now is there any word on a fix for the additional sound/distortion that is added to the audio signal that should not be there?? It was very easily heard on both the MRX 500 and MRX 300 I had while using the pre-outs. If Anthem could get both of these issues resolved...
the link is from 2004 and those are s8 v.1's?? i know for a fact that before the price increase last year, msrp on the s8 v.3's at my dealer was $7199 CAN for cherry finish. what they are priced at now, after the price increase i am not certain of...
???? MSRP is $8800 and $9600 in Canadahttp://www.gibbyselectronicsupermark...s8+v.3&x=4&y=5
Grandarf start at 2:48 where Vince specifically states the inside of the cabinets are veneered. "Vince Bruzzese, Founder and Chief Designer of Totem Acoustics, discusses speaker design at Century Stereo in San Jose, CA." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJQbHDhQAbI
I wanna see a vid of those LMS 5400's flying about 3" peak to peak. Lets see what those suckers can do... thanks, s.
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