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This was the first film I ever saw in HD. It was at a CES or hi fi show in the early 90s. They started the film in SD on a 100"+ screen and then switched to HD, and I remember the difference was underwhelming. Maybe they're using that same transfer. That's got to be the worst looking BD out there.
You must be referring to the very early scene where Moses walks out of his house and does a 360 scan of his neighborhood. It was just awful on both of my setups. This was a tier 1.5 with some 3.0 or worse moments, so I agree it can't be labled "demo worthy." Tier 2.0
Nice review. Isn't it amazing that this new medium can take us back so far in time and put things in perspective. State of the art, even by today's standards, visuals were around when our parents or grandparents were young. It boggles the mind. I can't wait to see this with my daughter.
This is getting ridiculous.
I said, "I think this thread works." Why are you so hostile to newcomers here?
Subs are for people with little speakers.
What do you mean by "pieces"? I was with you up to that point.
Yeah, I heard that, now they're doing it to low end buyers as well as renters. Desperation.
The "Red" rental I just picked up at Redbox is DD 5.1, not DTS-HD MA 5.1. I know renters have always been treated poorly in this country, even being denied the right to vote at times, but this is getting ridiculous. First there was the 28 day delay. No big deal, I can wait. Then there was the loss of special features. Again, no big deal, most of them are unwatchable. I haven't listened to an entertaining director's soundtrack since "Airplane.' But now we get mid 1990s...
This "800 lb gorilla" (the huge difference in reviewer's equipment) is something that has prevented me from posting in this thread. When a soundtrack blows me away I usually come over here to check to see if it made reference, and it usually has, but let's face it, the guy with a HTIB is missing a lot more than than LFE compared to a "real" HT system. I wish more people would list their equipment, and I appreciate those that have taken the time to do it.That being said, I...
New Posts  All Forums: