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Thanks Curt Just worried my spam filter was deleting you.. or you had won the lottery. (good for you, bad for me) wingryder
Rumor has it Curt has gone south for the winter? If so lucky guy.. Please contact me. wingryder
Curt thanks for the response. Sorry about the spelling. Well glad to hear you can fix them up. The board that just died on me.. had a new battery.. year old maybe.. 3.6 volts or so. First the screen went to lots of vertical lines.. some thin some fat. Then next day when I tried again. Only blue gun came up, and remote was not working properly. I will get them up to you. thanks wingryder
Here is the update. I am now down to my last spare cpu board. It fixed the problem. I transfered my "new" battery over to this board and I am back in business. Guess I will check with Kurt or someone about sending these boards in for repair. When this one quits I am out of business. I have three 2000D projectors but very short on cpu boards. I think my projector days are coming to an end. wingryder
Thanks tse.. On closer look that is what is happening. Ok exchanged my cpu board with these results. No text displayed at all on remote. (well if you push channel a 1 will come up thats it) All three guns firing and picture is normal but convergence is way out. Remote seems to act just fine.. cutoff colors work etc. Adjustment impossible due to no feedback from remote screen. So I have two boards with problems. But at least it's the same two boards. wingryder
Ok Powered up this morning.. Now different symptoms show up. Picture comes up, looks good, only blue tube up however. Wired remote is screwy. It will power up and down, go into standby and change channels. Thats it.. no code responses at all, cannot get into internal help mode at all, Remote says rgb mode or channel number, that is it. Red led error indicators on the cpu module are all correct. Flashing on number 4 Solid on on eight and nine. Where do I...
Ok my dependable Ampro 2000D crashed tonight. Projector had been on about two hours when the video went way south. Feeding run of mill dvd player via S cable to sammy 360 to breakout cable . No error messages of any kind. code says "system ok" but blue screen that results with dvd tray open is many many vertical lines.. lots of colors but mostly whites. When I input a tv signal picture is blotchy and terrible. The built in guided setup screens are ok. (at...
Love my old Ampro Its a cheapie 2000D. I have two more in the garage for spares and never used them. I added fans all over it, I feed a ts360 sammy with a cheap dvd player. I have watched 400 plus movies on it over the last five years.. I converge it twice a year.. yes should do it more.. It just keeps working... In fact I work on it so little I have to start over with the manuals to know what steps to take. I watch movies with it.. lots of them.. and love the...
My 360 was doing the same thing. Just leave it overnight.. It will be booted up and ready to go in the morning. wingryder
There is a remote on Ebay.
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