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Edorr,please forgive the noobie question - but the PC approach has always intrigued me. I was curious about using multiple 2-channel DACs instead of a single multi-channel DAC. Are there not timing issues with using multiple devices - especially multiple devices from different manufacturers? How are all the DACs kept in sync?Regards,Ash
Bump ... anyone? Help would be appreciated. Ash
Hey all - about to pull the trigger on equipment purchase and need some validation and guidance. Have a room with controlled lighting - no windows. Was thinking about Epson 5020 or 5030. Throw will be about 14 ft and screen will be 100 inches. Some my thoughts ... 1) I am not sure how to go about choosing a projector mount and what considerations there are. 2) I need to choose a motorized screen. I was thinking a 1.0 or 1.1 gain white screen. How do I choose? 3) My...
Hey Doctego,I have used Gamecenter to watch last season and the current one. I switched because Comcast only shared Flyers broadcasts with DirecTV in SD/HD-lite and they looked awful.The Gamecenter broadcasts are of significantly better quality - filling a 16:9 screen. I would describe them as being slightly lower than full HD quality you might expect on a mainstream sports channel .. but much better than the SD rubbish I was seeing. Plus the benefits of not having to DVR...
Does the Dune support any kind of auto-switching to playback files at their native resolution? Would much rather have an outboard scaler do the work than the player. I have seen references to frame rate switching .. but I was thinking specifically about resolution.
I am not disputing the facts as you state them. I am stating an opinion that the overlap of functionality between 2 different product groups that share features that are certified in one group but not the other - when the certification on the product itself appears not to distinguish between the two - is confusing for the user. It's my opinion that in this regard, THX are somewhat culpable when someone misunderstands the standards.
I have a problem with this argument - and it may be trivial to some - but not to me. I believe that THX has largely made its name in the Consumer world by certifying audio products and those specs are widely known to include Bass Management features. So it seems disingenuous to me to certify a BD player that has Bass Management features but not apply the same known standard to those features. Given that THX are not overly forthcoming in publishing all of their specs - how...
To me - what you state - while true - is a value issue. I think it's amusing too - but the real problem is something more serious. The reviewer (presumably on the back of Lexicon claims) indicates that the standard Oppo internals have been modified and that the performance has indeed improved. The Lex player reviewed indicates it is THX certified. The analysis performed by Audioholics indicates that the internals appear to be the same as the standard player and it does not...
This is an important point and I am glad I am not the only person who thought so. Charles Hansen and Ayre have done nothing to warrant being discussed in the same light as Lexicon in this thread. In fact quite the opposite. We should be doing everything to encourage the kind of openness that Charles demonstrates. The Ayre approach appears to represent the antithesis of Lexicon's approach as it applies to producing a Bluray player.
Unashamed bump with a re-phrasing of my question. Why would someone choose the Integra brand over its Onkyo equivalent? How do they differentiate their products?
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