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my LN55C630 went dark on the right side too - it did this a month ago and I opened up a service claim as it was still on warranty - when I arranged to bring the display in, it would exhibit this problem so they couldn't address it. Today, it happened again, I snapped a couple pics with the iPOD of it doing this, the pics have images of my IRD's video display set-up screen and of it's IPG. The warranty place said the pictures would certainly help.
Has Samsung had any issues with their backlights failing? mine is considerably dimmer on the right side than on the left side. I had thought these backlights are a single unit, could it be that it has more than one light source and portion has failed? I still have warranty left.
Hi, I have also noticed on the rear of this display is an analog audio-output plug, is it a proprietary plug, or a simple 1/8" stereo jack? if it will accommodate a stereo plug, and pass analog audio audio, then I could use the tv as an auxiliary audio input switcher - the kid's game consoles don't need to be in digital format anyways.
I have a ln55c630, same problem with the OEM Samsung remote. But, my old mx500's have enough IR output to light a pet on fire from across the room, so they never have any control issues.
thanks, regarding the manual. it didn't take me long to lose it - all I managed to gain from the manual before it disappeared was that it can accept 1080p via component video, which I found unusual as I don't know of any consumer devices that put out 1080p via component.
I use an older Harmon Kardon AVR525 for my audio processing, I bought it before there was any abundance of HDMI. It's located a fair distance from the display, and has a DVD player and a HD sat receiver plugged in via component video. There is no HDMI on board the AVR. I"d like to buy a gaming console (or two, an xbox 360 and a PS3). and locate them on the stand where the tv is. IF I plug the gaming consoles into the HDMI inputs on the display, will the display extract...
LN55C630. UCP panel here (shiny, not matte), used in the basement, full ambient light control. one week old.
Sorry, but the percent offset is not variable. Offset is a constant percentage of approx 30% of image height. If your image height is 4', then the vertical distance from lens center to screen edge is 4' X .3 = 1.2 feet.
michael han at ProjectorsPlus just outside Calgary.
I drove my 1503 with a Adire ADA 1200 (1200 watts clean into 4 ohms) - large ported enclosure... I don't think 350 watts would have been nearly enough. 'nice to hear from you, Kyle.
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