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I am, I was , and thanks - looks like that will work for me. I appreciate it.
Kristi, it does shake the house. Pm's w.r.t. details will come this evening.
OMG - She's gonna do a DIY subwoofer!!! :D waayyy toooo gggoooooo! Some of us do DIY subs too. Here's mine in all it's unfinished glory http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v2.../IMG_0415a.jpg
I have a ICF form basement, one sconce needed to go on the ICF wall. I Used a 1/2 heigh octo box there, screwed directly to the plastic straps contained within the ICF and regular depth octagon boxes in the other three locations.
Has anyone ever done one of these? I have some ides, and if I was any good at drawering, I'd make a sketch... but I aren't so I won't. I have a AV receiver, a pair of sat receivers, a DVD player, a VCR (for the clock, LOL) and a Behringer feedback destroyer BFD 1124P for my subwoofer. I'd like them all to fit in the top portions of a flexy rack if I can (still stacked, on their own shelves though. The cable management is the deal breaker. I was thinking of...
www.complete-it.ca http://www.complete-it.ca/projector/OptomaHD70.php
So that must mean you are all un-packed, and there is room in your basement for things like ladders and such... :p
The 789-44 CB allows for 4 IR emitters to be plugged in (up to 8, if dual IR stick-ons), How can I add a second remote 789-44 to this (or can I) to allow some IR distribution in another room/cabinet?
Nice to see you are back Robert - are you not calling Hooterville home anymore?
As the title says. I was pre-running cables for my theater and got to thinking that CAT 5 should handle video bandwidth for s-video. I ordered some s-video wall plates that have screw terminals on the back to accept individual wires, but have some concerns... will cat 5 have enough "rejection" to carry a reasonably clean video signal approx 30 feet?
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