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alkemyst, can you PM me a link with a pic of the '100 (I'm not sure the model, but am interested... But I'm in Canada) Firmaware upgrades to the original MX-500 line allowed it to learn Pioneer codes (It previously couldn't), and allowed the backlight to be manually clicked off regardless of the delay setting (previosly, the backlight would only shut off after the time delay had passed). It also reduced the decice button "hold for MAcro" time to 1 second from 2 and...
I have two MX-500's (one is a year old, the light still works, one is 5 years old - my little girl "rolled" over the older one with her little tykes rockin' cow and now the backlight doesn't work, this one month after sending it back to URC for firmware upgrades). A backlight light repair will prolly cost you a total of 40 bucks CDN including shipping and taxes - ask URC for a RMA number to avoid duties on the repair bill, you'll be without it for a couple weeks. I'd...
congrats Kristi - we still arent in our yet, we need the plumbing to be finished, the HVAC to be installed, the electrical to have the remaining 10% done, and our upstairs flooring to be done. Then we deal with our deficiencies... we should be in in two more weeks.
Yup, I meant D4 (but I can't seem to get back in to edit my stupidity out of my post).
Just wanted to post to be subscribed to this thread BTW, I'm building a dual sealed RL-p (D4) sealed of approx 22" x 22" x 43" at the moment too, powered with a ADA 1200 and EQ'd with a DSP 1124p BFD.
I use 30' a run of triple'd RG-59 for my component video needs to get my video from my in-wall rack to my display. No problems at all with it.
teo 8 ohm coils in parallel equal 4 ohms nominal
I guess you can't use my searches with your login ID (when I clicked on my search link I got no results either...) try: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hlight=home+10
the home 10 was a tiny bit dimmer version of the same thing... a search of this forum gave me this
Dude - that 3rd pic is a doggy, not a circle... :ROTF
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