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Congrats on the new home - it must have been a real challenge finding a builder in/around Calgary. The framing for our new home started last week, (an RTM) we're hoping to be in it by mid August
we're having a new house built soon, it's an RTM (Ready to Move) being assembled and will be placed on a ICF (Insulated Concrete Form)foundation. Does anyone know of how they go about finishing the inside of the walls of a ICF basement?
Chad, have you ever worked with Scott Ateah? (a cousin of mine) He's not in lighting, he's a stunt coordinator.
Kristi, me again... I've been thinking of your ceiling dillema, and this solution came to me, you don't necessarilly need to finish teh entire ceiling... If I'm off base here, I'm sure someone will speak up, but if you were to build up the perimeter of the ceiling to accomodate some recessed lighting, taking up maybe a foot - 18 inches of the perimeter, and leaving the center area ready for a dropped section of as little as two inches (opposite of a trayed ceiling...
Quote: It will take me two years minimum to build (and more importantly pay for) this room, so I want to use that time to plan out the room the best I can. good plan - plus components will change and undergo upgrades (whether you own them or not), however drywall, wood, paint, poly, lights and carpet etc will always be pretty much the same for years to come.
Plate Amp - Adire ADA 1200 - HPF @ 1.8 Hz :eek: (however, they are willing to instruct how to change it, but you need to solder/stuff a few new caps and resistors).
Kristi - is there a specific remote control you are after? any universal with learning capability will do whatever you want, but only some will allow convenient intgration and ease of use. I use a Home Theater Master MX-500 to do all of my IR chores, but not all by itself. I've installed a Applied Digital Ocelot automation controller, a brand of home oriented programable logic controller that can: Learn IR commands and distribute multiple X-10 format commands to...
Your side surrounds look too low to me - you'll be, and have guests, walking into them constantly (IMHO) and sconces - not bad, here's what I use from IKEA, the "STRIMMA" wall sconce. not available on website, but is in stores... what are your intentions to control them? (IR, X-10, Cre$tron LOL)? I have a contact in Calgary who specializes in Home Automation products (PM for contact info if interested)
Well, are you thinking di-pole/bipole type surrounds, or direct radiating types? (forgive me if I've forgotten, but is there to be a 5.1 channel system, or 7.1?) A 5.1 channel system - you'd have no worries w.r.t placement, just place the suurounds in the rear left/right corners. A 6.1/7.1 system and the side surrounds would be best placed a smidge ahead of the "primary" listening position - in this case, I'd still call that the front row, but it needn't be carved...
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