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bad for door with riser...? er, yup. (I forgot about the riser plan.)
for just the theaters consideration, I'd move them towards the theater room window, but this would reduce the effective "wall space" of your office area, so it wouldn't be much of a comprimise to move them towards the first row of seats either.
Kristi, are you considring side surround speakers as well? with your layout, the equipment room doors and the exit/entry door are located in the exact spot the side surrounds would work best at.
Without knowing the screen height, or the model of projector (and consequently, the image offset), I would hold off on a riser design. I'm sure 12" would be fine in most instances though.
Quote: What's wrong with soldering? nothing at all wrong with soldering, problem is if your timing is off, the temp. is off, or you mess up just a little, your going to possibly drop solder into the driver's motor assy, burn the tinsel off the other side of the solder joint, slip and drive your iron through the back of the cone... All are possibilities, a good quality connector may - at most - result in a blood blister on your pinky when you do the...
do the scafold - if you can get a scissor lift delivered, you can get a scafold delivered, prolly by the same company.
[/quote]I find this to be quite funny really. I can't see this ever being a "problem" or "distracting" they don't put off that much light..heck I have sconces and backlit posters and light is no problem...[/quote] espeacialy if you put the rack on the hinge side of the eq. room door. I'd find it to inconvenient not being able to see the equipment displays I don't find mine distracting at all, but I have no "blinking or flashing" displays.
I was just "checked out" on that very model of lift, I had to prove to my employer and the safety dept. I could operate it safely - and received my ticket. you realize what it weighs huh? can you get that into your home? It doesn't care much for door thresh-holds.
that is determined by the projectors "image offset", some pj's have an adjustable offset (The Panny '900, the Sanyo PLV-Z4, THe Hitachi PJ200TX - also known as the HDP-52...), some have a fixed offset... some have a huge offset, some have no offset... take a peak in the < 3500 dollar pj forum to see what's current, you'd be concerned with weather you or your familly/guests are susceptable to DLP rainbows, and other issues that some pj's are known for. Scren placement...
Vashon, some good quality flag connectors (like Thomas & Betts, or Panduit industrial types) should work fine - I just noticed them being used on a electric furnace here at work, they wre carrying 20 amps at 240 volts, so I'm sure theyll do fine at speaker levels...
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