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I think the point others have been making the last couple of days is that improving projector technology so that 3D looks better brings 2D improvements along for the ride. Poor ghosting performance on the JVCs was my main reason for ditching them. Poor ghosting performance is a result of individual pixels in display chips not being able to switch from a full off to a full on state (or vice versa) fast enough to prevent one eye from seeing part of the image intended for the...
IIRC, the New Blue Titler has been causing problems in Vegas for some time now. I had issues with it, and I think Don did, too. Too bad, because it's a really nice titling program. Sounds like you're on your way to getting the problem resolved.
Hope you get it worked out. One of my biggest complaints about Vegas Pro in the past has been a lack of stability. I got into the habit of saving after every couple of changes, because previous versions crashed so frequently. It's such a contrast to Edius, which very rarely crashes on either of my PCs. I've been editing heavily the last three weeks on my main edit system, and I can't recall a single instance of Edius crashing. This is with numerous color corrections,...
Ditto. I can live with it. If Ultra-D works with the NLE vendors, it seems to me they still might be able to develop a 4K display that could be used as a 3D editing monitor. I doubt that's a priority for them, though.
Yes, that should be plenty of RAM. It's tough to know what the problem is. Are you sure the hard drive you're rendering to is NTFS? If it is, you might try rendering just small parts of the timeline. If it renders small parts in tact, but not the whole thing, it might be a file size issue. If it simply can't render that last 10%, it might be a problem with the source files in that section.
How much RAM? It might be running out.
Vegas is great software, but it lags far behind Edius for 3D preview. Edius is so smooth, it's not a whole lot different than working in 2D on my system. Unfortunately, it's an extra step, because you have to use Vegas or PowerDirector to create a Blu-ray 3D disc. For me, it would be ideal if I could mash up Edius' real time preview and editing flexibility, Vegas' ability to export to higher quality Blu-ray 3D and PowerDirector's ability to create 3D menus. I'd mix and...
The free Cineform Studio software that comes with the GoPro will do inversion/flipping/stereoscopic adjustment of the GoPro streams. It handles color correction, too. By the time you get to Vegas, you could have fully corrected clips to drop into the timeline. You can apply further correction/adjustments in Vegas if you need to, but the Cineform software is powerful.
Edius and Premiere (with a 3D plug-in) can edit and export 3D clips, but you'll still need Vegas for the final output to disc. Cyberlink's PowerDirector can also export to a 3D compatible disc (with 3D menus), but there are some bitrate limitations.
I haven't worked much with the MPO format, but pairing 2x 24p left/right AVCHD streams as stereo in Vegas Pro is a snap. Then you can export to Blu-ray 3D at 24mbps, and if you're willing to settle for 2D menus, you can use DVD Architect to create a disc with menus. The video is still 3D, of course.
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