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Like others in the thread, I go for max quality, for video and audio. I'm getting blu-rays from Netflix and buying blu-rays for films that I know I'll watch plenty. Blockbuster used to be great, but deliveries got slower and slower, and some titles that had already been in general release for weeks began showing as 'Unknown release date' on the site. I wish that Netflix was as good as Blockbuster used to be. Netflix seems to turn deliveries around as well, but...
A 110" diagonal screen is about 96" wide
The Black Diamond has a much more dramatic drop-off in brightness as you move off-angle and it color shifts as well. On the other hand, the BD will do a better job of reflecting ambient light coming from the side of the screen. I have a 100" diagonal 08-85 DNP and it is plenty bright for me. I have a SIM2 C3X-E mounted at around 13.5 feet. It is spec'd at 2500 lumens, but I don't know what it's really putting out. It has been calibrated, which usually results in a...
We just lost the local Blockbuster over the Christmas holidays; what's more disappointing though is how lousy Blckbuster's disc by mail service has become. It used to be so very good...
Getting a 110" picture without having to be so restrictive of room lighting would solve one of the only bones of contention in my house...
When I was shopping, the DNP's were a little less expensive than the BD's.. though I was looking for a basic black velvet frame
I did see some color shift, especially as you move a bit off angle, with the Black Diamond samples I had. That might be fixable with projector calibration.
Yoda: "Try not. Do, or do not. There is no trying."
"Scared? Are you kidding?"
Plus you'd be doing an extra D/A in the Oppo first. I think using the 621 is the way to go. I'm using one with a G68, and its works well.
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