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Since these were last manufactured it's become clear that the market has moved to lower costs and cosmetics (thin screens) rather than improving the standard for 50" sets. This is Pioneer's top of the line model with hand selected components, factory burn in and special manufacturing attention. Arguably the finest 50" set on the face of the planet and still the standard. After buying sets for my two sons I purchased one more for a future room re-do at my home, that has...
My son started up an SC-68 with large Definitive Technology tower speakers a few days ago. We spent most of the evening setting things up and had time to only manually set speaker levels (didn't take advantage of the MCACC routines at that time) before listening for awhile - but there was an immediate and obvious improvement in sound over his older, but top end, Denon receiver (which I have always liked). I would describe the sound as smooth but very detailed and clear,...
Thanks for de-mystifying the Kuro breakthroughs. What a treat it is every time that I get to enjoy the fantastic picture.
Equally important, when something does finally surpass the Kuros, the improvement will be so very slight that I don't believe that many owners will be in the least tempted to upgrade. In the meantime they will have enjoyed a picture that continues to impress in every way every time they turn the set on. It's not something you ever get used to. I don't believe that there is such a thing as a jaded Kuro owner. Thanks for the thread and the opportunity to express thanks...
Perhaps they can have Pioneer repair it, since Pioneer is maintaining spares for warranty service.
A 101 doesn't need to be calibrated to look fabulous. I can't explain what you saw (maybe the one you saw was poorly calibrated). There's nothing comparable.
Thanks everyone, for your feedback.
My son has a choice of either one, NIB. Wanted to provide him with guidance as to which way he should go. They are each at local brick and mortar vendors, so it's a genuine question. Thanks.
Was there ever any consensus as to which of these models is superior, after the initial speculation that the KRP-500M was a half a generation ahead on black levels? Thanks.
The Harmony 900 has its own built in sleep timer for connected equipment.
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